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Student Perspective: AdCap Update from Entrepreneur, Lamia

March 22, 2017

We first met Lamia at the 2015 SAP Social Innovation Series event in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. And though she had no experience as an entrepreneur, the art of delivering a good pitch to the Shark Tank-like panel of judges seemed to be an innate talent. Which is why when GENYOUth and the AdCap team wanted a student to speak at the Dannon Institute Girls 4 Tomorrow event the following year to inspire the students pitching ideas there, we called on Lamia.

lamia at gala

She credits AdCap with helping her finesse her public speaking skills and learn what it means to be an entrepreneur, something she never would have called herself before participating in her first event and winning a grant.  But the experience that day sparked something in her that will likely be the confidence to speak whenever called on, long after she leaves school.  

The AdCap team checks in with our intrepid entrepreneurs to get feedback on lessons learned through their efforts.  From SAP’s Innovation event in 2015 to the Domino’s Transformation Experience she won the following year, Lamia’s learned a lot.  But don’t take our word for it, read about where she is now on the AdCap Community Hub, where you can find Lamia and other entrepreneurs’ stories of success.   Click here to check it out.

Way to go Lamia, you make us proud, brave, BOLD entrepreneur!

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