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AdVenture Capital
Feature Report

AdVenture Capital Progress Report

GENYOUth is proud to share the first AdVenture Capital Progress Report since launching the program in early 2013. AdVenture Capital has engaged hundreds of students and high-profile corporate partners in its mission of empowering enterprising, health and wellness oriented youth to become future-ready social entrepreneurs. It does so through mentoring, unique experiences, online planning tools and direct funding for student-led projects.  This report provides context on the program and the impact it's making in schools across the country.

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GENYOUth 50 States Report

GENYOUth's 50 State Report is an exciting and dynamic new information resource, which offers a graphically represented state-by-state overview, as well as a national summary page, of our programs’ reach since 2010.

The 50 State Report provides visual depictions of state demographics and participation in GENYOUth programs, maps showing distribution of participating schools, and key data indicators of our programs’ growth.


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Working Together for Change

For those who work in the area of school wellness, public health, nutrition, physical activity, on an allied field, this Brief’s insights make clear how real community engagement – of which GENYOUth’s Town Halls, produced with Dairy and NFL partners over the last several years, are an example --  can aid everything from uncovering collaboration opportunities and strengthening  relationships to garnering commitments of support and underwriting for vital initiatives.

GENYOUth in brief: Fuel Up to Play 60 en Espanol

Latino youth represent the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing minority group in the nation -- a key population that Fuel Up to Play 60 en Español was created to serve.  This Brief emerges from GENYOUth’s conviction that, in our diverse society, the benefits that come with improved nutrition and more opportunity for physical activity in the school environment must be available to all youth – regardless of language or cultural differences.