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McDermott Amogh
Feature Story

Meet the Winners of the 2018 Bill McDermott Scholarship

GENYOUth’s mission to nurture healthy, high-achieving students counts a great deal on the students themselves driving change in their school communities.  With that said, it takes a network of incredible partners to make any effort on behalf of students, a reality.

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Forget Workplace "Readiness!" For the Next Generation, It's Workplace Reinvention

Teaching kids how to innovate is the ultimate in job preparedness.

By Alexis Glick, CEO, GENYOUth

Anyone whose work involves caring about the welfare of young people can’t help but view the changing nature of work and employment with concern. I’d venture to say that the work world into which students are graduating high school and college is far more challenging and complex now than that of my generation. But I wonder how many of us realize just how challenging it is.


The Value of Opportunity: Believing that young people can and will change the world

A couple of weeks ago I had the time to sit down and give my full attention to the moving documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, about the remarkable life of Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers). His contribution to child development defined whole bodies of work and remains as timeless as it is true. Mr. Rogers possessed a keen understanding of what it means to be human, and why every human yearns to feel like they matter and have a value. More important than that, he knew mattering and being valued should be something everyone gets to feel, no matter your age.


School Breakfast: Crucial to Kids' Health and Readiness to Learn

Increasing access with the support of public-private partnerships

by Ann Marie Krautheim, MA, RD, LD

As a Registered Dietitian; President of a national youth-wellness nonprofit; and the mom of two active sons . . . the subject of school breakfast is near to my heart.  Let me take this opportunity to explain – and to share why I’m so proud of what the organization I help lead is doing to support it.


Fuel Up to Play 60 Innovation Challenge at the 2017 Student Ambassador Summit

This year's Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit featured GENYOUth's largest Fuel Up Innovation Challenge to date.  120 students and three sponsoring partners, Land O'Lakes, Ecolab and Quaker who mentored them, came together to pitch farm-to-table ideas for the opportunity to win 40K in funding at the event.


Parent Perspective: Progress Update from SAP Teen Innovator, Ciara’s Mom

More than almost anything else, GENYOUth loves to share updates on our students and all of the amazing things they’re doing to lead change and make their schools and communities healthier. Through our Fuel Up to Play 60 and AdCap programs, students share updates in their own words on progress and lessons learned, which often teaches and makes us smarter about the work we do to serve students and schools.