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Feature Story

Parent Perspective: Progress Update from SAP Teen Innovator, Ciara’s Mom

More than almost anything else, GENYOUth loves to share updates on our students and all of the amazing things they’re doing to lead change and make their schools and communities healthier. Through our Fuel Up to Play 60 and AdCap programs, students share updates in their own words on progress and lessons learned, which often teaches and makes us smarter about the work we do to serve students and schools.


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Fuel Up to Play 60 Innovation Challenge at the 2017 Student Ambassador Summit

This year's Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit featured GENYOUth's largest Fuel Up Innovation Challenge to date.  120 students and three sponsoring partners, Land O'Lakes, Ecolab and Quaker who mentored them, came together to pitch farm-to-table ideas for the opportunity to win 40K in funding at the event.


Student Perspective: AdCap Update from Entrepreneur, Lamia

We first met Lamia at the 2015 SAP Social Innovation Series event in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. And though she had no experience as an entrepreneur, the art of delivering a good pitch to the Shark Tank-like panel of judges seemed to be an innate talent. Which is why when GENYOUth and the AdCap team wanted a student to speak at the Dannon Institute Girls 4 Tomorrow event the following year to inspire the students pitching ideas there, we called on Lamia.

Student Story: Part One - Highlights from the SAP Teen Innovators’ Blog

"They thought that $1,000 was like a million."  Feedback from Charly, Sayed and Hamsa’s coach and mentor, Jen Weber, commenting on the jubilation the students felt when they won one of ten AdCap grants at SAP’s Social Innovation Series in Minneapolis last fall for their idea called “Sports Check it Out”.  Little did they know at the time, but these three enterprising and creative young men would go on to win the grand prize of an additional $10,000 and the title of SAP Teen Innovators for their creative and thoughtful idea to give high needs students the opportunity to “check out” sports equipment, play sports and get daily physical activity.

SAP Perspective- Social Innovation Series

“What gave you the idea for this?” was the question that came from the four-person panel of judges.


Standing alone in front of a 100-person crowd, the teenager, who could not have been older than 16, responded, without hesitating, “I personally deal with homelessness, and so, what has helped me be in class and be attentive is meditation and yoga. I’m not always thinking what’s my next meal, where am I going to get these clothes, how am I going to survive in the streets, I’m thinking about what’s in front of me.”



Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

A couple of years ago a young woman who worked for me remarked, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” The phrase stuck with me and to this day I use it frequently.