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GENYOUth Insights

GENYOUth unlocks middle and high school student insights and perspectives on some of their generation’s greatest health and wellness concerns, translating valuable learnings into compelling stories and opportunities for action.


More than 250 student leaders representing 50 states come together annually to develop networking, public-speaking, and other skills; share leadership experiences; and learn from experts and from each other how to implement student-originated, student-led solutions that address health and wellness in their schools and communities.


A diverse and influential national-level group of approximately 30 experts and “big thinkers” -- from school stakeholders to corporate CEOs to technology innovators to accomplished student leaders – come together in boardroom settings to support and advance the youth-empowerment agenda.


Town Halls provide a powerful community engagement venue for dialogue around the need to empower youth as stewards of their own futures around nutrition and physical activity. Over 100 leaders from school administrators to business leaders, farmers to football players, alongside students, work together to identify solutions whose basis is the empowerment of students as their own agents of change. As an outcome of these events, participants make 30- and 90-day commitments to take action in their own schools and communities to support the work going forward.

Health and Wellness Advisory Council

GENYOUth hosts a council of over 20 national youth wellness partners who communicate quarterly and meet annually to develop joint strategies and commitments to advance nutrition, physical activity and wellness in schools. The Council has developed Guiding Principles for youth wellness and driven collective initiatives to increase school breakfast and summer feeding, as well as accountability through measurement and evaluation.

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