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FLAG-In-School Contest Winners Announced

January 18, 2019

GENYOUth wrapped 2018 with a touchdown: announcing the winners of our first ever FLAG-In-Schools Contest. We shipped over 5,000 FLAG football kits to schools in the 2018/19 school year, increasing our reach by over 2.7 million students, bringing our total reach to 9.1 million students! To raise awareness and build excitement around our FLAG football expansion, we challenged educators to share amazing footage of their team on the field through Social Media.

Watch students celebrate their athletic skills, team spirit and creativity in their FLAG-In- School-Contest entries.

These 6 grand prize winners are getting special school visits from NFL players.

1. Dr. Carreon Jr. Academy, CA

2. Ridgeway Elementary School, MD

3. Bannockburm School District,IL

4. Boardman Glenwood Jr. High, OH

5. Frontier Middle School, WA

6. Our Lady of Calvary, PA


These 20 schools were each awarded a Fuel Up to Play 60 store gift card.

7. Irving Elementary, AZ

8. Southern Wells Elementary, IN

9. Hudson Elementary School, NC

10. Burlington Elementary, VA

11. Reiche School, ME

12. East Middle School Brentwood, NY

13. Kootenai Elementary, ID

14. Princess Ann Middle School, VA

15. Chatham Academy, GA

16. Rebecca Creek Elementary School, TX

17. Chapel District Elementary, MD

18. Kiski Intermediate, PA

19. Red Mill Elementary School, VA

20. Drummond Island Elementary School, MI

21. Tuckerton Elementary School, NJ

22. Veterans Elementary School, CT

23. Lincoln Elementary, NE

24. Hamilton Middle School, WV

25. Marshall Elementary School, TN 

26. Thompson Middle School, IL

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