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David Mounts
Feature News

From Thrive Global: David Mounts, CEO of Inmar, advocates businesses supporting youth

The inaugural GENYOUth Survey on Trends in Health & Wellness has generated a lot of great insights, which includes feedback from our partners like David Mounts, CEO of Inmar, who helped to make this survey possible.

We’re thrilled to share is op-ed, posted on the Thrive Global website, bringing a corporate partner’s perspective on why we MUST talk with and learn from young people. You can read the full piece here.

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Tailoring Technology to Kid's Health

Students are experts of their own education experience and a big part of our work at GENYOUth is listening to and learning from students.  The inaugural GENYOUth Survey presented an incredible opportunity to learn from thousands of students about the role technology plays in supporting their health and wellness goals.  We're excited and proud to share feedback from Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador, Brody on his experience participating in the survey via a piece he wrote for our partner Thrive Global.  Thank you Brody for your passion, energy and ideas!  We hope to keep learning from you! 

Now featured on Thrive Global, "Our Kids Are Asking for Technology That Enhances Their Well-Being"

We’re at a critical juncture in our children's relationship with technology. Time spent with technology can distract them, sap their attention and disconnect them from what makes us uniquely human -- or it can be used to support their health, well-being and productivity.

Read the following Op-Ed written by Arianna Huffington and Alexis Glick on Thrive Global here.

You can also review a PDF of the Youth Survey Report Summary here.

Brody Canning

13-year-old, Brody Canning, attends the 8th grade at Hickory Middle School in Chesapeake, Virginia and was part of the student focus groups that GENYOUth and Thrive Global commissioned in advance of GENYOUth’s Inaugural Youth Survey on Trends in Health and Wellness. Brody is a longtime participant in GENYOUth’s flagship physical activity and healthy eating program, Fuel Up to Play 60, and loves playing sports.


Letter from Alexis Glick: GENYOUth's 50 State Report

Today marks the official launch of GENYOUth's 'Advancing Youth Wellness in 50 States' Report. You can find this resource via the GENYOUth website homepage or Reports page, and we're proud to share this letter from our CEO, Alexis Glick, which provides an overview of the report as well as thanks to all of the incredible partners and support that made this work possible.