We asked Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador, and #1 GENYOUth Facebook fan, Bobby Sena to tell us the top ten reason’s he’s most excited for the Super Bowl this weekend. He’s SO AWESOME that he gave us eleven!
Check these out and then get your game on tomorrow!
Thank you for sharing Bobby! You rock!
1. To see Fuel Up to Play 60 represent on the field.
2. It’s the first time in the NFL’s history that brothers are coaching against each other in the super bowl.This is going to be good – sibling rivalry on the football field.
3.This is Ray Lewis’s last game and I play on the defense, so I have always looked up to Ray Lewis as a football player playing at high levels for 17 years and he is a leader of his team, like me! I think it will be an emotional game for Ray Lewis and his teammates. I will see Ray Lewis’s last game – so when I grow up I can pass on that great story.
5. The 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick is only starting his tenth game and it happens to be a super bowl game. That’s pretty incredible!
6. This is the tenth time that New Orleans has hosted the Super Bowl. I’m excited to see the two teams play in such a beautiful city.
7. I have to see Beyonce’s halftime performance. Halftime performances are so huge.
8. Okay, I love the super bowl, but no super bowl would be complete without the funny commercials. I’d like to see if Troy Polamalu will have any new funny commercials this year.
9.I always try to guess the coin toss to see if I’m right. This year I’m guessing the coin toss will land on heads. So, I never miss watching the coin toss, but I have been wrong about which way it will land.
10. The super bowl champions for the last three years have been from the NFC, so I’d like to see if the AFC can end the streak.
11. I had to add one more – I love football and it’s the SUPER BOWL! Since I play football, all football players know that this is the goal, this is what the season leads up to and it’s exciting to watch these great athletes play at intense levels. I play, so I know what it takes to work hard and to win the big game.
I really can’t wait till Sunday! Every year, this day is reserved for super Bowl Sunday and the plays and referee calls are always interesting.
I hope you’ll be watching too.


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