At GENYOUth we often post on Facebook or tweet about people and companies that inspire us, and sometimes in no small way, impact the way we do business. In particular, stories about kids with ideas that are changing the world reinforce our mission to give kids the opportunities and access to information and resources to bring their brilliant ideas to life.
Today we came across an article on fifteen year old Jack Andraka who single-handedly invented a low-cost, early detection test for pancreatic cancer that is already transforming the scientific community and it seems the future of testing for any number of things. Jack is the recipient of Intel’s prestigious Gordon E. Moore Award along with other top honors at the corporation’s annual Science and Engineering Fair, the world’s largest high school research and science competition.
Jack’s invention could wind up on the shelves of stores like Kmart and Target, and will likely save many, many lives. He’s a humble hero who was quoted as saying, “What motivates me is that 100 people die every day from pancreatic cancer. And so when I’m working I think those 100 people are who I’m working for today.”
What we love most about this story is that Jack reached out to hundreds of scientists with his idea and in the process, got rejected countless times. But he believed in what he was doing and had the passion to see it through. Through our program, AdVenture Capital, we’re betting that kids who believe in their ideas will demonstrate a similar relentless spirit to help their fellow students and schools get healthy.
Jack is a science rock star and at fifteen, proof that you don’t need to be an adult with a ton of experience to be someone who changes the world.

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