Student Ambassadors at GENYOUth's Leadership Roundtable
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Wanted: Student Ideas for AdVenture Capital
At GENYOUth’s Second Leadership Roundtable, held just two weeks ago at the National Football League Player’s Association in Washington, D.C., five audacious and incredibly poised students sat among the participants and shared their honest feedback on everything discussed. Since they were significantly younger and less experienced, we know it took a lot of courage for Emma, Kylie, Bobby, and Hope to raise their voices and at times, push back on the adults with a kid’s perspective. Their ideas were an essential, if not the main ingredient in generating solutions, and creating a plan to bring the solutions to life.
Youth empowerment was one of the areas we focused on in the Roundtable session, but it also factors into many of the things we do at GENYOUth. Students worked on and approved all components of our Flagship program, Fuel Up to Play 60, and they played a substantial role in our Leadership Roundtables and inaugural Nutrition + Physical Activity Learning Connection Summit. The GENYOUth and Fuel Up to Play 60 teams have learned a lot from students through our programs and events, and now we’re taking the next step by funding student-led ideas in a program we’re calling, AdVenture Capital.
Who better than a kid to address health and wellness issues in the school environment? We also believe that kids will feel like they have more skin in the game if they’re the ones coming up with the ideas to change something at their school. The initial concept of AdVenture Capital was first road-tested at last year’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador Summit and received a terrific response from both students and their program advisors. For this first round of funding, we’re calling on Student Ambassadors to submit their ideas and business plans for potential funding, but as the program evolves, we’ll expand our outreach to any student in any school who’s got an idea to make change happen.
We can’t brag too much about our own program, but we’re thrilled to report that there’s some very cool and exciting stuff involved with the AdVenture Capital process that students could have the opportunity to be a part of if they enter. So, if you’re a parent or a teacher of a kid who has a dream (most of them do!), or you’re a kid who wants to tell us your ideas like Emma, Kylie, Bobby and Hope, we hope that you will visit the launch page for AdVenture Capital to learn more about the program. Call for entries has begun and will end on March 25th.
Exercise your influence and raise your voice, because it matters!
We challenge you!

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